Inspired by Amazons, the beautiful women warriors pertinent in Ancient Greek mythology, Glamazons represents strength, glamor, mystery and power. Glamazons features exclusive footwear for the modern women warrior, handmade in Greece using high quality leathers that provide extraordinary comfort and a statement of character.

Rebellious yet reserved, bold yet elegant; these are just two examples of the contrasting elements that underline the duality of Glamazons design philosophy. The sophisticated aesthetic while edgy form prove that elegance and dominance can in fact coexist and complement each other.

Our inspiration – The Glamazon Woman.


Glamazons are everywhere, in every country, in every part of the world. Beautiful, powerful and inspiring women who are remarkable in their everyday lives. Glamazons are made for those women who are self-made, modern warriors who confront any difficulty as a challenge and not as an obstacle; who are fearless.

The Symbol.


Our philosophy in both life and design is that contrasting elements can coexist in a harmonious whole, not unlike the modern Glamazon who views life as a challenge to excel in both beauty and strength. The golden arrow symbolizes the luminous beauty of the Glamazon, while the arrow itself marks her incredible power.

Our Vision.

Glamazons aims to revive the local footwear production industry, that was once thriving in Greece.

Our Mission.

We focus on designs that utilize high quality leathers, while at the same time provide excellent comfort, creating the perfect footwear for powerful and beautiful Glamazons.

The Designer.

You might say that shoemaking runs in her blood. Nastazia Dariva, after graduating and obtaining an MBA in Business Administartion she moved to London where she took a diploma in Business branding and merchandizing at FIT while in parallel worked for a PR agency in famous and upcoming fashion brands. She later entered her family’s renowned footwear business in Greece, importing and distributing popular international brands. But Nastazia was driven by her own personal vision;
Finding it hard to spot a shoe that ‘spoke’to her, in 2014 she launched her own label, channeling her creativity and own personal aesthetic into her designs.